The Savoy Downtown

Resident Manager

The Resident Manager is responsible for the safe and continuous operation of the following, through either his own capabilities or the contracting of outside specialty services:

  • Building heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC)
  • Building water supply
  • Elevators
  • Pool and spa
  • Water features
  • Security system
  • Intercom listing system
  • Security gates
  • Building generator/electrical system
  • Interior and exterior common lighting
If you're experiencing any problems with these systems, contact Ed Vienneau at 604-916-6116 or

Property Manager

Douglas Mak, Strata Manager
FirstService Residential
700 – 200 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 1S4
Direct: 604-601-6361
Office: 604-683-8900
Fax: 604-689-4829

Residents are often puzzled about who makes the decisions on the administration of The Savoy. Since more communications and day-to-day "dealings" are with the management company (FirstService Residential), there is naturally an assumption that FirstService Residential makes the decisions. In fact, that is not the case. FirstService Residential is hired on a contract basis to act on the instructions of the strata council. Apart from emergency situations where such instructions cannot be immediately obtained (fires, floods, broken water pipes, etc.) all decisions concerning the governance of The Savoy are made by the strata council.

When any new policy is made, when a new rule is implemented, or when certain decisions are made which affect you as an owner directly, it is important to know that these are done by strata council—not FirstService Residential who is simply the agent, the messenger, who conveys these decisions to you. From time to time, owners object to these decisions, which is fine. But, it is important to remember that your response should be directed to the strata council. This is done through FirstService Residential, in writing, and your correspondence is then addressed by the strata council.

Please note that FirstService Residential does not "take sides". Their job is to act on behalf of every owner.